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The spring workshop
The spring workshop

April 5.-7. 2019

A workshop in the early, tender spring and the focus will be easter/spring food.

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Charlotte Sveinsen

Charlotte Sveinsen

Friday, 28 September 2018 09:15

Turin, wonderful inspiring Turin

No secret: I love Italy. I love Turin. Like many other italian cities Turin has a beautiful architecture, art, the charming italian atomosphere, life, people and culture, fabulous food and drinks, the country living quite close and also Turin has a short way to the alpes and it  feels a bit traveling some decades back in time. I love it! 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 12:47


On the beautiful norwegian island Helgoya, meaning `the holy island`, you will find us. Right in the midle of the Norwegian pantry. Here we are living on the most wonderful and old mansion, Hovinsholm, which has been exactly here for almost 6000 years.  Surrounded by tons of history and traditions, I live here with my husbond and three children. When I first moved here in 2002, I found out I had to work with something that came directly from my heart. Three pregnacies, three children and six years later, I opened the gardencafé and farmshop Skafferiet (meaning the pantry) on the farm. It was immediately a sucess! in just a couple of years it was the most visited farmcafé and -shop in Norway. The consept of the café is simple: a lot of extremly hard work, welcome all the customers as your own private guests, always smile, make all the food and cakes from scratch, only use local ingredients as far as possible, make it taste wonderful, serve everyone at the tables and give all the visitors a countrylife experience they have never experienced before and will not have anywhere else! Easy! 

Ten years later the café is quite famous, we have visitors from all over the world (more or less) and a lot of magazines and television companies have visited us. The experience for me have been quite overwhelming, fun and of course a little bit demanding. The café and shop are season based, so they are only open during high summer. 

Before Christmas we have a charming Christmas market on the farm with many contributors coming to sell their local produced food, Christmas presents and decorations. The atmosphere is magical, full of spirit and is a wonderful way to start December.

During the rest of the year, Im writing cook books and articles for magazines, having workshops, courses and private dining for small groups in my private farm kitchen. I love people and having guests -and I really hope I will see you one day as well! Meanwhile; please read my blog (blogg in norwegian) here on the website. The countryliving blog. You will find it under the themes 'recipes’, ‘travel’ and ‘countryliving’.

Love Charlotte 
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